Sex, Water, and Protest: Three New Stories

Check out my three latest stories:

  1. “Not-So-Kosher-Sex,” a profile of the filmmakers behind “American Swing,” a documentary about Plato’s Retreat, the notorious Manhattan sex club.
  2. “Private History, Not Grand History,” a feature of the artist Peter Forgacs, whose film installation “The Danube River” recently opened in New York.  The work combines three narratives–Jews shipped out of Germany along the Danube River; poor German farmers sent back into the German interior on the same river, a year later, after Hitler gave their land to Stalin; and the Hungarian captain who steered and filmed both journeys.
  3. “No Dancing Around the Issues,” my coverage of the protests surrounding Ohad Naharin’s BAM performance earlier this month.  Since January, anti-Israel protesters outraged over the war in Gaza have followed the choreographer across the country.  At the last leg of his tour, in Brooklyn, they showed up too.   (A pity they didn’t get tickets; the show inside was superb.)

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