Jewish Culture or Kitsch?

Recently, I covered the Oyhoo! Music Festival organized by music impresario Michael Dorf. The daytime conference, where producers hobnob with Jewish artists (comics, musicians, choreographers, visual artists), was at City Winery, Dorf’s new yuppie joint.  (It’s his latest incarnation, a yuppie replacement for the Knit, which he sold not long ago and will move in Brooklyn.)

Boring? Perhaps. But I wrote a column based on what I saw over two nights and the folks I talked to during the day. In short, are Jews today, in all their beguiling variety, creating a new culture, like Israelis have, or as Yiddish-speakers once did? Or is it just kitsch, Jews pasting tattered bits of their past onto a commerical, trayf culture?

I opine, you decide.


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